After working in the marketing industry for three years in an in-house capacity for national businesses as well as in an agency setting for smaller companies, I began to notice a gap in the market for a service offering assistance to small businesses to improve their social media marketing and content creation efforts. The benefits of a social media presence for businesses both small and large are becoming more and more apparent as time progresses, and it is now becoming essential that businesses start to move toward the online space to increase their brand awareness and drive greater return on investment from their marketing techniques.

Developing a great passion for online marketing and content creation, I decided to move out on my own in order to develop online marketing campaigns from the initial stages and be involved in all aspects until they reach their completion. 

As a marketing professional, I take great pride in creating campaigns that are well suited to each individual client and their audience, ensuring I drive great results by continuously optimising and monitoring.

Not only do I offer the service of creating online campaigns, I also have the skills and knowledge required to create engaging and eye-catching content for your business through photography and blog/content writing.

If you feel as though your business could benefit from these services please get in contact with me today to discuss how I can help drive greater success from your online marketing campaigns.